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Nowadays, Lead Generation is one of the most essential and effective modes of any business. We can say, costumers are the "lifeblood" of the marketing field. "A person who gets attracted towards any product or business with his own interest is said to be as the customer" This starts the generation or creation of leads or costumers. It is the major source of marketing where there are a large number of costumers are generated at any particular area or field. It is the tool of creating a large number of costumers. It helps in increasing sales volume and also expanding business around the world. It basically means attracting with numerous of the person on their sites with their full interests. It makes a person or a visitor than to become a customer to a final consumer. The one who shows his full interests regarding any business or its products and services become a costumer. Creating numerous costumers is very much beneficial in the field of online marketing. It is very much effective in at a particular platform. It can be said as the fundamental element of marketing to increase the sales, profit and also helps in creating awareness among the costumers. It is a networking platform where there are large numbers of costumers connectivity involved, which helps in the expansion and growth of the business globally. Social media is very much popular among the viewers, and most of the costumers are generated with the help of it. It has various ways of increasing costumers. Through advertising the product, brand, company or any business, the advertisement must be in a very creative and effective manner so that the visitors can be easily attracted towards the product or business with his own interest. The websites also play a crucial role in it, it must be created very creative, informative, and also in a concise manner. This leads to an increase in potential costumers. You can easily drive more and more costumers by posting contents full of details and information which attracts the visitors easily. Business is incomplete without the costumers. No business can survive for longer duration without it. A consumer who shows his willingness and interest towards any product or service and business. It also helps in creating more costumers. The product design, labelling, packaging, advertising with some tag lines also make the costumers attracted and hence also in creating more potential customers. Providing the best possible details regarding the business or about its products and services as per the convenience of the costumers. For increasing the numbers of the customer , we have various other ways to create them in numbers. We will provide all the details information in the contents to increase the brand image of the company in front of costumers Which will lead to increase more potential customers also expansion, growth and survival of the business for longer duration in the world. In the online field, Content becomes the centre of attraction for the viewers by which makes them get connected with us and through them it will create a chain or network of costumers at a particular time and platform. For this, we will advertise your business and products on all possible sites offline channel i.e,.. newspapers, television, social media and on every platform and online channels to increase the numbers of potential costumers.

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