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Graphic design is a tool which basically helps in designing and making the websites more creative and attractive. It is all about layouts, colour, size, shape, editing, etc. It is the tool by which costumers get attracted easily. It has become a major source of web development as without this web development is incomplete. The designs must be "eye-catching" that the design itself will give the message to the users or viewers. The design must be impactful like "the first impression is the last impression. Before going on the information mentioned over there, the costumers get attracted by its colours, layouts and overall design. It is something that makes your website to look different from others. It aims towards visual designing and layouts. It has a wide scope for your future. For this, you must have two things ie., Creativity and passion. The design must be innovative and also must have its unique identity which will make your graphic more attractive and different from others. The design must be informative. It is the art of converting messages sharing your ideas views by its design. As we know it has its visual identity and it is designed with the help of software and can also be designed by your hands. By the help of design, you can share your ideas and views to the targeted costumers. The graphics must be created in such a way that it will easy to understand by the costumers that what the design is all about. This is not only for the websites but for almost everything like applications, TVs, advertisement, newspapers, magazines, making templates. As technology is rapidly increasing the designs must also follow the trends. This also helps in advertising the product with packaging, layouts, shape, colours, size etc. Nowadays the branding of any products is very important and popular. In the TV industry, it has created a great role for setting the layouts, designing and creative pictorial graphics. It is a mode of art and craft through which you give your ideas and views. The designs must be interactive to the costumers. Graphic design has a great career scope as it has been used almost everywhere. Becoming a designer is a great scope and can be aware of lots of, a graphic designer is who create innovative ideas and give creative designs. Being a designer you must creative skill must be updated with the technology. It has not only increased job opportunity but also you can work from your home .you can use this platform as you do the part-time job including with running job. By opting this field you are opting for your bright future create the opportunity for everyone.

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