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In rapid growing technology, Application Development is a huge platform and the source of developing and creating Apps for mobile phones and software programmings. Nowadays, Applications are highly required. These are high demand in the entire world. Everyone is using it for their benefits. As it is highly required, it had made the work easier and convenient for every user. The software is developed such a way it can easily calculate the profit and loss of the company, sales report, survey. All the application which is working on our phone and computers is just because of this source. The application plays a very crucial role in our daily life in any field and our business, profession and makes its accessibility easy to do. It is defined as a bunch of applications software which runs in our mobiles, desktops, laptops, tablets with different uses and functions. Each software programming has its own benefits and features which make each application different from others. It helps to increase the efficiency in the work with less effort. We can say, it is one of the best sources of time-consuming. It not only helps in time-consuming but helps in improving the goodwill of the firm, increasing sales. With the help of different software running in our mobiles helps to get connected with each other easily. In the current scenario, there are a lot many applications installed in our mobiles and other gadgets like a watch, desktops. We all are aware about the up-gradation of technologies. The demands of the costumers are also increasing. Application is developed as per the requirement of the costumers. By learning this you can become an Application Developer. It is not required that you must have your degree with specified field. One just needs to learn the course of delivering software programmings. It has huge scope and opportunities and also including high job security. If you become an Application Developer you will get lots of opportunities like:- - You can create your own Application and start your own business. - You can start your own institute. - You will be highly in demand so there will job security. - You will be easily hired by any company and will a handsome salary. In coming years, with an increase in technology, the demand of developers will also increase. The software running on the mobile phone can be easily installed, uninstalled and re-install and also can be updated easily with the availability of some new features. With the help of this everything is running on fingertips. It has given the world is yours. Without Apps, work decrease its efficiency. Apps such as Net Banking, Games Apps, online shopping Apps, e-booking apps, and many more. So, we can say it is one of the profitable fields with full of opportunities and job security. It has future growth opportunity.

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